"What first struck me about Susan, and what continues to be true of her, is her immense kindness coupled with great insight. She consistently sees the core issues at the heart of my struggles. And then, with a depth of kindness I have never experienced before, she leads me to a place of healing in my story. She is quite literally teaching me to treat myself with gentleness by modeling that through her own treatment of me. As a result of my work with her, I have ceased to berate myself for things in my past. I can look at them with grief rather than disdain. And as I quiet the inner voices of condemnation, I find myself healing in ways I never thought possible. Amazingly, I find myself able to enjoy my present and look forward to my future."


"Susan Cunningham is a priceless gift for the kingdom of God. I have worked with Susan in leading workshops for women who have been sexually abused for over 20 years. Her presence, wisdom, humor, and strength invite the heart to know a depth of freedom I have seldom seen.  Susan combines the rare ability to help a person know their own heart well while also offering a clarity about their calling.  It is one thing to know one’s past with greater honesty, but it must translate into creating a more true and beautiful future.  There are few coaches and spiritual directors who hold past and future together with such depth and wisdom.  She is one of the best I know in the field.  I can’t recommend her more strongly without sounding excessive.  She is a brilliant and gifted woman."

Dan B. Allender Ph.D. 

Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President

The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

"There is a short list of people for whom I can say they have been used to alter the course of my heart and life. Susan Cunningham is on that short list. Her astute ability as a counselor to partner with God and see and speak into the intricacies of the human heart infused hope in me at a time when I most needed it. I’ve given her name to scores of friends who are wanting a fresh breath of Him into their age-old struggles and issues. I’m honored to recommend her to any hungry heart.”

Sara Hagerty

author, "Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet"

"Susan Cunningham offers counsel, coaching, and support with an uncommon weave of strength and grace. Her knowing insights into the human heart are shaped by her well-seasoned faith and her extraordinary ability to creatively listen and poetically speak. For those of us who struggle with the unfinished work of the past, or the dailyness of life’s difficulties - without exception, Susan is the wisest of guides."

Allyson Baker, MA

Counselor, Speaker, Artist