For those high functioning individuals who are facing emotional pain and negative patterns, dealing with anxiety or other struggles. The focus of work is on healing and recovery. A strong support system is required. While I provide Christian Counseling in other locations, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor only in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Life coaching // Soul coaching

For those who may not need counseling, but need someone to walk alongside them, Life and Soul Coaching is a great way to engage personal challenges and struggles in spiritual life, work and relationships.

We will focus on maximizing your gifts and potential to become who God is making you in the present and for the future. The attention is on directed growth, help developing life changes, relationships, goals, accountability and results.

Within coaching I specialize in helping those who are ready to:

  • Better understand their story
  • Move forward in struggle, trauma and/or grief
  • Grow using the Enneagram
  • Develop as an artist

Spiritual Direction

For those who want spiritual companionship to focus more narrowly on one’s life in Christ, the movement of the Holy Spirit in his or her life, and developing a deeper relationship with God. Much of the work is about listening, God's invitations, prayer, discernment, and transformation. I have a particular interest in joining psychotherapists, those in vocational ministry and those who are grieving as they walk with God.

Professional consultation

For counselors who would like to think through their work with clients.